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Bernard Page



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Strategic Marketing

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A highly accomplished senior strategic marketing leader with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results across a diverse range of industries, including home shopping retail, e-commerce, financial services, B2B and utilities.

Expertise in delivering marketing strategies to achieve business growth with new brand launches and turnaround and return to growth of challenged brands. Skilled in creating high ROI through customer acquisition and retention strategies, CRM, through-the-line marketing communications and digital strategy.

Proven leader, able to ignite a team into a cohesive force, set a clear and compelling purpose, create the right, supportive environment to succeed, and use situational leadership to direct, coach, or delegate as needed. Outstanding facilitator, using design sprint tools for co-created innovation.

An insight-driven strategic thinker with a passion for creating value. Excellent communicator and networker who excels in fast-paced, complex environments where leadership, innovation, agility and teamwork are essential. Driven and enthusiastic

Brand Strategy

Worked with large-scale online retailer, N Brown to deliver a brand overhaul and strategic marketing review. Owned the marketing function to establish strong brand relevancy in the competitive sphere, building credibility and trust through campaigns and broader communications channels.

Led the marketing workstream for LaRedoute UK’s fashion and home brand divisions, executing an ambitious position to secure meaningful brand identity, aligning company and client-centric marketing campaigns to build sales to 35m euros

Marketing and Planning

Created an end-to- end marketing strategy and medium-term plans for the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), a non-departmental public body of the Home Office, as part of a company transformation initiative.

Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing and Design Sprint

Customer Journey Mapping

Delivered an extensive and comprehensive customer journey mapping project for Onefile, an EdTech SaaS business, identifying touchpoints, customer persona, existing SOPs, customer actions and opportunities. Presented the framework to the business stakeholders, demonstrating significant improvements in quality, communication, seamless customer experience, validations, and retention.

Design Sprint Facilitation

Fully trained and certified in design sprint workshopping. Taught by AJ&Smart who created the world’s leading design sprint course based on Jake Knapp’s experience at Google Ventures and his seminal work, Sprint.

Delivered impactful workshops for Yorkshire Water to improve a major capital programme and deliver £15m of capex savings. Used approach to build out their new safety standards across the asset management programme. Deployed methods at the Disclosure and Barring Service to create a new marketing and targeting approach. Facilitated full 5-day sprints to create new rapid prototypes for educational establishments training their students in new creative approaches.

Design Sprint Facilitation


Bernard Page