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About Axentia Group

Axentia Group is a dynamic and diversified organisation which proudly oversees a portfolio of distinct yet synergistic companies, each excelling in their respective fields: Axentia Biotech, A2O Manufacturing, and Liberty Dental Group.

Each organisation showcases Axentia Group’s dedication to innovation, quality, and customer service across the healthcare, manufacturing, and biotechnology sectors.

Axentia Biotech has globally recognised expertise in managing large-scale, multi-million euro projects, from the strategic planning phase through to the meticulous execution of redevelopment initiatives. From scoping and business case development to the acquisition and transformation of retail and office spaces into world-class scientific complexes, the expertise enables the future development of scientific research.

The creation and redevelopment of advanced laboratories that serve as hubs for scientific discovery cements Axentia Biotech’s reputation as a leader in facilitating cutting-edge research on an international scale.

A2O Manufacturing stands at the forefront of the technology sector by enabling businesses and innovators seeking 3D printing solutions to succeed. Unlike brand-aligned 3D printing companies, we provide independent, comprehensive advice tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our unique value lies in our holistic approach – from assessing challenges and recommending solutions to overseeing the manufacturing process with a diverse supplier network. We empower our clients with a strategic partnership prioritising innovation, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and regulatory compliance, making A2O Manufacturing the go-to organisation for bespoke 3D printing solutions.

Meanwhile, our healthcare business, Liberty Dental Group ensures the highest standard of dental care with its extensive network of private practices throughout the UK.

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Axentia Consulting

Invaluable to the seamless operation and strategic advancement of these companies is Axentia Consulting. Functioning as the strategic backbone, it provides essential program management, offers timely strategic input, and supplies interim management resources to ensure that the group companies not only meet but surpass their operational and business objectives. This supportive role by Axentia Consulting underscores Axentia Group’s cohesive strategy, ensuring that each group company is well-positioned for sustained growth and success.

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Joanne Smith

Group Chairperson

Nigel Allman

Group Chief Executive Officer

Simon Ward

Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director Axentia Biotech

Marketing Sales Enablement

Julie Edler

Board Strategic Marketing Advisor

Associates and Strategic Partners

Sports and Leisure Strategy

Mark Allman


FMCG Operations

Gary Holland


Jenny Barnes


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