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Lyn Penman is the Founder and CEO of Mental Wellbeing Solutions, a dynamic company that is a driving force for a new way to manage mental health. Lyn is the UK’s Leading Solution-focused Mental Health Expert and has trademarked an innovative and unique mental health management method called The Now Step®. With more emphasis on workplace mental health than ever, this exciting new method is specifically designed to support organisations and individual professionals. It’s time for a new way to manage mental well-being that never goes over the past but teaches how to find a solution to the future. Lyn, who is a qualified Psychotherapist, developed this life-changing method after experiencing burnout and severe anxiety juggling four children with the corporate world. Lyn runs a successful membership-The Female Mind Retreat-for, for professional women, is an experienced speaker at corporate events and has just published her first number one selling book: The Now Step® manage your mental health without going over the past. Lyn can support you in developing a solution-focused wellbeing strategy and is available for consultancy and training.