How we work with Lucidity and how it can support our clients

When I first learned about the Lucidity strategy software, I knew it was a perfect fit with our company ethos and the work we do here at Axentia. The synergy between our approaches to strategic planning makes Lucidity the ideal tool to help us deliver our strategic guidance to clients and help manage the process, from planning and execution through to results. We’re proud to be Accredited Lucidity Partners.

What does Lucidity do?

The team at Lucidity are on a mission to make businesses more successful by creating a strategy software tool that’s easy to use and understand. The founders Mike Fahey and Tom Ricca-McCarthy recognised that too many business leaders were operating without a proper strategy for their companies. In reality strategy is just a fancy word for plan and there was a perception that creating a strategy was difficult, nebulous and time consuming. Too many leaders were lacking confidence, time or an inclination to properly formulate the right plan for their business.

The dreaded execution gap was putting pay to a lot of the strategies that did exist, with plans being poorly communicated, teams failing to engage, no accountability, no momentum and no clear results.

Speaking from a user perspective, I believe the team at Lucidity have built the best strategy management platform in the world. A system that is powerful, flexible and configurable, yet intuitive, easy-to-use and wonderfully simple.

Its power comes from bringing everything together in one place, giving your strategy a central home that’s easily accessible, simple to understand and always up-to-date. This tool is how forward-facing businesses manage their strategy – no spreadsheets saved in different places, out-of-date slide decks or boring Word docs. Everything is brought to life online with clear visuals, logical layouts and even built-in communication tools.

The Lucidity strategy software consists of the following features and functionality:

  • Strategic tools to help us deliver our workshops remotely with interactive frameworks and instant outputs
  • A flexible objective and goal builder that enables us to set clear and measurable goals for absolutely anything
  • A central strategy tree with your strategic plan logically laid out and instantly understandable
  • Automatic visuals and communication tools that make it easy to get everyone on board with the plan – from one-page visuals to automatic email updates
  • A full strategic task management system that allows you to easily create tasks for each objective, goal or initiative, assign owners, deadlines, get automatic notifications and reminders and easily track progress
  • A KPI tracker complete with integrations with your existing business systems (such as Xero or Quickbooks) for automatic updates
  • Reporting dashboards that can pull in data from across the business and provide a clear and ‘always-on’ view of strategic progress

How does it affect our clients?

The great thing about the Lucidity platform that we love and believe adds tremendous value to our clients is the ongoing product development they continually undertake. New features and functionality are being released on a regular basis meaning the tool continues to add more and more value to the way we’re able to help our clients.

Most recently we’ve seen the addition of the following tools and features:

  • New strategic tools including the Ansoff matrix, persona analysis, mission and Porters Generic Strategies
  • Drag and drop functionality has been added to the strategy tree so you can easily reorder objectives, move goals and initiatives

The tool is helping us transform the way we initiate strategy development in our clients’ businesses. When you give your strategy a nice home, people want to visit it so, teams become engaged with the plan. It’s easy for them to find, clear and simple to understand, and they can instantly see how they contribute and what difference they are making with each of their tasks clearly linked back to a core strategic objective.

As a Lucidity Partner, we’re able to equip out clients with the tools to take that strategy plan through to execution. Having a robust task management system integrated and joined up with the strategy plan removes friction when it comes to execution and makes progress super simple to track.

How does it add value to what we do?

For us, having our clients’ strategies in Lucidity means we have visibility of what’s going on and can keep advising, guiding and helping. We can easily keep up-to-date, track performance and spot issues, jumping in to offer advice whenever it’s needed.

If you’re not already using Lucidity and would like to see the software in action, please get in touch to arrange a demo here.

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