Town Hall Dental Case Study

Town Hall Dental is a multi-award winning practice based in West Yorkshire, offering a wide range of treatments and services to its expanding patient base. They have a desire to grow both clinically and commercially, whilst ensuring the customer experience remains firmly at the centre of everything they do. Axentia has been engaged to develop the strategy and support the business in delivering on its ambition.

The Challenge

Like many successful business enterprises Town Hall Dental had reached a point in its evolution where the leadership team felt the need to reassess the gap between ambition and capability. Alongside Imran Rangzeb (CEO) and Rachel Dilley (COO), Ashton Consulting Board were invited to learn about the business, develop a new business plan and drive the changes to make it happen. Engaging with us offers complete access to a number of trained consultants across a variety of disciplines, giving us the capabilities to not only make recommendations, but to support the business in delivering them.

Delivering a Plan

  1. We identified where the value in the business lay and focussed on how we optimise it
  2. Reviewed the capabilities of their team, restructured it to empower and identify any gaps
  3. Worked with the team to focus on further developing customer satisfaction
  4. Created a group brand as a platform for future growth
  5. Restructured the group to bring everything under one simple structure with Town Hall Group at its heart
  6. Lead the creation of improved governance for the charitable arms of the business
  7. Undertook a review of the workplace, leading the delivery of a new plan
  8. Brought in legal and accounting expertise to deliver improvements in business practices
  9. Focussed on the power of management information

How has Smart Business Insights helped?

More and more businesses are turning to dashboards to quickly understand and analyse their data as it easily identifies issues and opportunities requiring attention or action. Utilising Ashton Consulting Board’s Smart Insights tool, our strategic partner Bruce Rioch was able to review the management information available to produce a dynamic insightful report that is now transforming the way the business runs.

What can it achieve?

  • It gives us the opportunity to analyse our customer base better and identify the business mix within it
  • We gain a better understanding of the operational efficiency of the business
  • It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of our processes, giving us the chance to fix them and serve our customers better
  • It clearly demonstrates the ROI we are getting so we focus on the areas that make a difference

Rachel Dilley, COO commented

“Axentia have been instrumental in the development of our business, creating a stronger foundation for success, supporting us to deliver and challenging us to do more. The MI has taken our understanding of the business to a new level and is allowing me to run the business more effectively and efficiently. The best outcome has been the way the team have embraced the improved insight and are committed to the ongoing improvements for our patients, our staff and each other.”


Our vision was always to bring our collective experience to our clients and with TownHall we have been able to do just that bringing strategy, finance, workplace & FM and MI to the business .

The benefit to Town Hall has been strong with a new strategy , improved oversight and importantly actionable MI. This has enabled us to work with Imran and Rachel and the team to understand the business, what works, what needs improving, what we need to start doing and what we need to stop. It’s a powerful asset for the business and we’re excited to continue our journey with Town Hall Dental.

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