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Real people. Who understand real challenges.

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Who We Are

With Axentia, it’s not about cookie-cutter advice and fancy presentations. Instead, we take the time to get to know our clients and their unique challenges. And we provide innovative solutions based on sector and service expertise and knowledge that achieve actual results. If we’re doing what others are doing, then we’re doing it wrong.

We integrate with your team at a senior level and identify underlying issues or pain points, working with you to develop solutions that pave the way for progress. Not being bound by silos and internal politics means we can bring a fresh perspective. We are driven by a passion for thinking bigger, being bolder and achieving great things with our clients.

We act as an integral extension of your business, alleviating pressure on your executive team and providing senior-level support, one hundred per cent focused on getting to where you want to be faster.

Our clients are looking to partner with consultants who combine a very high standard of consulting with an in-depth knowledge of the relevant industry sectors. And that’s what we give them. 

Real people. Who understand real challenges. And care about delivering the solution.

Axentia Group


Our Business Consultancy division drives change, growth and operational efficiency for our clients by becoming an integral extension of your business.

Axentia Biotech

Our Biotech division is a one-stop-shop for lab start-ups and moves all the way from "we need a new lab" through to commissioning.

Axentia Healthcare

Our Healthcare division invests in, develops and operates a number of successful dental practices nationwide.

Meet the Team


Joanne Smith

Group Chairperson

Nigel Allman

Group Chief Executive Officer

Simon Ward

Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director Axentia Biotech

Marketing Sales Enablement

Julie Edler

Broad Strategic Marketing Advisor

Associates and Strategic Partners

Sports and Leisure Strategy

Mark Allman


FMCG Operations

Gary Holland


Jenny Barnes


Brands Our Team Have Worked With