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The specialist marketing and business development team within Axentia uses real-world solutions to span the gap between marketing and sales to drive business growth.

We know that organisations like yours are looking for something a little different. Consultants with genuine time-served experience in marketing and business development who can quickly identify the areas where improvements can be made to positively and sustainably impact revenue generation.

Through our bespoke approach to Marketing & Sales Enablement, the Axentia team will work hard to ensure they understand your business culture and current challenges, so they provide the most appropriate and workable solutions to attract and retain your customers and clients.

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Bridging the Gap

It’s well-known that business development and marketing teams don’t always get along.

A company’s marketing team often works independently of the sales department  – through no fault of their own. But aligning business development and marketing behind a single strategy is potentially the largest opportunity for improving business performance.

When marketing and sales or business development teams unite around a single revenue objective, they dramatically improve marketing return on investment (ROI), sales productivity, and, most importantly, growth.

With increasing levels of competition and customer demand, it’s more important than ever to align marketing and business development strategies to achieve business growth. Building a combined sales and marketing strategy doesn’t just sound like a good idea, though — it’s been proven to work.

When strategies are aligned, companies see an average of 19% faster revenue growth and 15% profitability.

Source: The Demand Gen B2B Buyers Survey

However, finding that delicate balance between the two departments is one of the most challenging problems encountered within an organisation. Different reporting lines; differing objectives and targets; different strategies; different platforms and data used, and the differing perspectives and unique timelines under which the two teams operate.

Axentia Can Help

Internal restrictions, silos and limited resources can mean that even when the solution seems obvious and it’s clear what needs to be done, moving forward is a challenge.

The Axentia team successfully bridges the gap between marketing and business development. We work with our clients to understand their organisation and its specific requirements, building end-to-end strategies to ensure all needs are met and the organisation benefits.

This strategic alignment can increase business productivity, improve efficiencies, grow marketing ROI, and create sustainable business growth.

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Perception vs Reality

Forrester Consulting and LinkedIn uncovered four pillars that create stronger and more sustainable alignment to drive business growth: Strategy, Process, Content and Messaging, and Culture.

Whilst some of these areas may feel aligned in your organisation, the reality may be slightly different.

9 out 10  sales and marketing professionals say they are misaligned across strategy, process, content and culture.

Source: Forrester Consulting/LinkedIn




Content & Messaging

The Perception

There is good alignment on strategy…

There is good alignment on process…

There is good alignment on content and messaging…

There is good alignment on culture…

The Reality

Sales & marketing are measured in different ways by different people

The systems they use are different

They each create content without the other’s input

The day-to-day relationship is too passive

The benefits of a Marketing Sales Enablement approach

96% of sales and marketing professionals admit having difficulties aligning strategies, objectives, and KPIs.

Source: Forrester Consulting/LinkedIn

Business Development and marketing strategies must go hand in hand to optimise effort. Without effective marketing, there is no prospect pipeline, and without strong sales to convert prospects into customers, marketing efforts have been wasted.

Teams may duplicate their efforts or be coming at the same goal from completely different angles. The organisation may be wasting time and resources and creating barriers to effective communication between the two departments.

Organisations with a single sales and marketing strategy have 38% higher sales close rates and 36% higher customer retention rates than other organisations.

Source: HubSpot

Marketing and Business Planning and Development

A Combined Approach Means:

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More Customer Retention
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Win Rates

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Your Axentia Solution to Marketing & Sales Enablement

The Axentia marketing team excels at building strong and effective strategies that focus on holistic organisational needs rather than those of an individual department.

Through data analysis and customer/client insights, we engage with different departments, develop a single strategic approach and ensure all teams work from the same playbook. 

Through crafting powerful value propositions and finely tuned messaging, we produce impactful and realistic strategies that empower our clients to realise significant sales growth and real commercial outcomes.

Companies that align sales and marketing strategies achieve 24% faster growth rates and 27% faster profit growth over a year period.

Source: Sirius Decisions

So, how can Axentia help?

The basis behind creating a single strategic approach is to focus on the customer or client, delivering a positive impact on customer experience and revenue performance.

The more thorough the strategic approach, the more opportunity there is to delight prospects and customers and to win and retain business. Axentia works with you to understand where misalignment is occurring and to develop solutions.

  • End-to end journey planning is essential to drive consistency and credibility within the marketing and sales process
  • LinkedIn reports that 80% of content created by marketing teams is never used in sales, and according to Marketo, this is because the content is considered irrelevant to the buyer. By engaging with the business development team, Axentia can create a content plan that resonates with prospects.
  • By providing an avenue for feedback between marketing and business development teams, Axentia can provide solutions that are unhindered by politics or a siled approach
  • Axentia will create a criterion that defines each stage of the sales process in the context of your organisation’s offerings. By agreeing on this definition, lead scoring and prioritisation improves.
  • Axentia use insights from both business development, marketing and clients to develop a persona which ensures your product and service messaging is consistent and aligned with customer and client needs
  • Building joint KPI’s creates synergy, drives all activity in the same direction and unites departments under one common goal.
  • Helping the organisation align behind a clear journey plan for prospects through winning or retaining a customer or client means that gaps can be identified and inconsistencies dealt with
  • Client listening provides invaluable insights into the strategic direction and business challenges at key stages in your business growth
  • Mismatched messaging is one of the key reasons cited by prospects for not trusting an organisation. Consistency drives belief.
  • 84% of business development professionals say they achieve their targets when there is an aligned strategic approach, and the marketing effort is overlayed by a deep client or customer understanding
  • Acquiring customers is up to 6-7% more expensive than retaining them. Axentia will develop a combined strategy which aims to increase the lifetime value of customers and clients significantly
  • Integrating data and insights is incredibly powerful in giving a 360 view of clients and customers. Axentia will work with your IT team to review the art of the possible and ensure that maximum benefit is derived from systems and technology.

A fully aligned business development and marketing strategy puts your organisation in the best position to extract the most value from prospects and customers and ensure that revenue is driven as efficiently as possible.

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Why it Matters Right Now

The purchasing process is changing. The introduction of sales automation tools and marketing software provides a deep level of prospect data – making the whole business development process more data-driven.

75% of buyers depend on social networks to learn about choosing the right vendor

90% of buyers won't take a cold call

The more traditional conversion funnel has marketers at the top and business development at the bottom. Once a prospect has been engaged, the marketers’ responsibility for the sale ends.

By implementing a combined strategy, marketing teams are more responsible for supporting business development targets, and business development teams can feed into the process much earlier.

Marketing and Business development

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Our Approach

A proven approach to achieving success

Embedding and Beyond

But what if the strategic intent is there, but alignment breaks down in tactical delivery?

By understanding the barriers to success and business culture challenges, the Axentia team can develop programmes which support a successful rollout and embed into BAU.

And where additional longer-term support is required, our marketing team is available to help improve the quality and consistency of your content and marketing.

For many organisations, outsourcing certain functions, such as content marketing, can be cheaper and of higher quality than doing it themselves. And using external marketing resources can allow your internal team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Our reliable, experienced marketing team provides a single point of accountability. measurement and reporting. Your day to day marketing requirement is managed by specialists and professionals who can deliver fresh, high-quality material using the latest trends, technologies and techniques, keeping you at the forefront of your sector.

Senior Team

Our consultant specialist team brings a vast experience in commercial change management, marketing and digital transformation. We use our wide range of specialist skills to hone in on your challenges. And by using regular communication and a collaborative approach, you will always stay in control.

Whether in B2B or B2C, across all sectors, including retail, sport finance, insurance, professional services, utilities and more, our team’s varied backgrounds give a fresh perspective on your business needs.

The team works with clients to pinpoint the right balance between proven techniques and innovation to create effective strategies that deliver results and cut-through.


Over 30 years of senior-level experience within Marketing and business development roles in sectors including financial services, sports and retail. Focused upon delivering results through effective marketing practices and collaboration, underpinned by data and technology.


Over 25 years of experience working with companies across industry sectors including professional services, venture capital, HR consultancies and financial services. Proven ability to deliver on business planning, marketing, brand and reputation development, and client engagement.


A highly accomplished senior marketing leader with a proven track record of delivering outstanding results across a diverse range of industries, including home shopping retail, e-commerce, financial services, B2B and utilities.


Jenny is a specialist in Digital Transformation helping clients to shape and execute their digital agenda from strategy to transformation execution and achieve growth. Using an experienced blend of people and insights, Jenny bridges the gap between senior leadership, system processes and people dynamics.

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